Ever want to learn how to make your own wine, or just curious about the winemaking process? Come to one of our wine classes and learn from the experts!

Home Wine Making Classes


Join us at the farm winery in Orrtanna for step-by-step instructions on how to make wine all by yourself.  We start right from the beginning of your wine-making experience (like figuring out how to get the box open, or choosing which fresh fruit to use!) and end with the final step of bottling your wine. You’ll learn tricks of the trade and tips on how to get the best product from a box.

There is no need to bring anything to the class, we will provide paper and pencils for notes, as well as a take-home folder with information.

Please arrive early, as the class will start promptly at 1:00pm.

MDWT - Tour De Tanks 002It doesn’t matter if you’re a wine connoisseur or if you’re used to drinking wine out of a red plastic cup… these classes are for everyone from beginners to experienced home winemakers who want to brush up on their skills and learn some new tips.

Our winemaker, Brian, will walk you through the process and even let  you try a few steps for yourself. You’ll learn everything from how much yeast to add to how to bottle, and how to get the perfect alcohol percentage.

Once you’ve completed the class, feel free to shop from our vast winemaking supplies section. We have starter kits that include everything you need as well as all sorts of extra equipment including corks, bottles, carboy caps, buckets, yeast, and more.

We even take it one step further and allow you to call within a year of your class to ask the winemaker questions! Say you lost your notes and can’t quite remember how long to let it sit, or you’re trying to figure out what that weird smell is and what you can do to fix it… just give us a call and tell us which class you were a part of and we’ll help you out.

Did you know a winemaking class makes a great gift? Order a winemaking class gift certificate for your friends and family and give them an experience they’ll remember forever. Plus, if they turn into an expert winemaker, they’ll probably give you a bottle or two every once in awhile. You can’t beat that!

Winemaking Contest

Home Winemaking Contest Winners

Need more motivation? Once you learn how to make your own wine, you can enter our Home Winemaking Contest that we have every fall during our Harvest Festival. We have different categories for different levels, and even one for “best label!” Check out the previous winners:

2013 "Best Label" winners from the Home Winemaking Contest

2013 “Best Label” winners from the Home Winemaking Contest

Think home winemaking could be in your future?