Custom Wine Labels

Create your own custom wine label to celebrate your special event! These labels are the perfect way to remember all your special memories. Thanks to our wide selection of wines and a wonderful graphic designer we are able to create private custom labels. A private custom label can provide a unique experience for our guests, but also allows for additional branding presence for restaurants, corporations and additional retail sales opportunities. We offer three different options for your labels:

Custom  – A totally unique design made just for you.

Personalized – We’ll add your name/date/message to one of our designs.

Specialty – Choose from one of our pre-printed specialty labels.

Send artwork to to begin order.

Check out more details below:

Custom Labels

custom wine labels

$25 set up fee, $1.75 per label (plus the price of the wine)

Send us your photos and event info and we’ll work with you to create pretty much whatever you want! We have an endless supply of fonts, can clean up or edit your photos, and can match colors as you wish.  We’ll work with you to make sure your label looks exactly the way you want it. These are perfect for ANY occasion… weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, businesses… even proposals!

Here are a few examples of custom labels we’ve done in the past:

custom label anniversary

custom label business

custom label wedding

custom label birthday


custom wine label baby

custom wine label proposal

custom wine bridal wedding shower

custom wine label bridesmaid

Personalized Labels

$5.00 per label (plus the price of the wine)

Personalized labels are simple!

1. Choose from one of the many templates we have, including labels for birthdays, weddings, retirement, and pets.

2. Send us the information you want printed, such as names, date, message, etc.,  and we’ll personalize your label!

Choose from the following options: 

Anniversary 1

personalized label Anniversary 1

Anniversary 2

personalized label anniversary 2

Wedding 1

personalized label Wedding 1

Wedding 2

personalized label wedding 2

Wedding 3

personalized label Wedding 3

Birthday 1

personalized label birthday 1

Birthday 2

personalized label birthday 2

Retirement 1

personalized label retirement 1

Retirement 2

personalized label retirement 2

Retirement 3

personalized label retirement 3

Pet Photo Frame

personalized label pet frame

Photo Frame

personalized label photo frame

Christmas Labels

We have these labels already printed and ready for you. Just pick the label and we’ll put it on your bottle of wine.

Template 1

Happy Holidays Tag 2

Template 2

Happy New Year

Template 3

Merry Christmas from blue

Template 4

Happy Holidays Blue