Meet Chris Milletics. On January 30th, 2011, he found his 4,500th geocache– an astonishing number of geocaches for any level– here at our farm location in Orrtanna, which has become one of the hotspots on the South Mountain Geotrail.

Chris Milletics geocache

Geocaching is a free treasure hunting game enjoyed world-wide by players from over 200 countries. A hider will place a hidden object (sometimes as small as your fingernail and sometimes as large as a the size of a small car) with a log book somewhere in the world. They will then log their coordinates on their hand-held GPS unit, and report those numbers, along with any important information about the cache, to the official geocaching website.

Then seekers from across the world can log in to the website with a free account and see the coordinates that have been posted. They log these same coordinates into their GPS device and head off to find what has been left behind by others.

There are more than 1.25 million geocaches spread over all seven continents– including Antarctica– and the game is enjoyed by more than 4 million players. We are happy to have a cache on our farm, and are searching for some tough spots to hide others. As you can see, we edited the picture to make sure we don’t give away the secret location. Come on out and search!

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