Join the Case Club

Adams County Winery offers an excellent discount program for whenever you buy wine by the case! A case contains 12 full sized bottles and can be mixed. Want 6 Tears of Gettysburg, 3 Rebel Red, and 3 Rusty’s Red? Go for it! Want 11 Traveller and 1 Turning Point? Sure! Want 5 cases of Yankee Blue? Invite us over!

The case club not only gives you discounts on your cases, but the more you purchase, the better the deal. Check out the details below and join today!


Vintner’s Club

You automatically join the Vintner’s Club the first time you purchase a case of wine. 12 bottles, mix and match how you wish. Pretty easy, right? Right away you get 10% off the retail price of your first case!

After that, things only get better.

Next, you get 15% off the retail price of your second, third, and fourth cases.

When you purchase your fifth Case of wine, you qualify for our Barrel Taster‘s Club – our most exclusive and rewarding wine club. Check it out:

Barrel Tasters Club

Once you’ve purchased your fifth case of wine, you are a part of the Barrel Tasters Club (BTC). Congratulations! We’re thrilled to have you as part of the club. Here’s your reward:

 20% off the retail price of your fifth and all subsequent cases after that. – Wow!

Exclusive Gifts each year – These are items that aren’t sold to anyone else!

Invitation-only private Barrel Taster’s events. They change every year, but past events have included blueberry picking, a chance to help make the wine, amazing dinners, wine release parties, and more.

winery customers

A BTC member since the beginning!

We love our customers, and this is our way of saying “Thank You” for returning and enjoying our wine. We hope that you’ll keep coming back to see us, even just to say hi. Over the years we’ve gotten to know several of you very well and look forward to your visits. Whether you live down the street or across the country, we love to see you come back. We pride ourselves on creating a fun atmosphere and award-winning wine that you’ll want to experience over and over again.

Check out what a couple Barrel Tasters Club members had to say about some previous BTC-exclusive events:

We enjoyed everything about the experience from the people we shared our table with, to the explanation and lecture on the type of wine, why it was paired with the food being served, to the history about the Fairfield Inn.  -Katie

From the loud and crazy group in the back of the room a Thanks for another great time with the Adams County Winery!!