For the Love of Chocolate

For the Love of Chocolate

by Vaughn Crouse

Adams County Winery will host the event on February 17th and 18th

I love chocolate! There isn’t a bad time or place to indulge in the sweetness of chocolate. It can be milk chocolate or dark chocolate, I’m not picky. It can be before or after dinner, it can serve as breakfast as I drive into work or be used as a little mid-afternoon snack that helps me get through the rest of the workday.

I have been known to go through great lengths just to be able to enjoy a moment of chocolatey bliss. One time around Halloween, my soon-to-be wife had purchased a bag of mixed, fun size chocolate bars to hand out to the few trick-or-treaters that would visit our home. She had gone to bed and I stayed up to watch a late-night football game. It didn’t take very long before I crept into the kitchen looking for a snack and what appeared before my eyes, just sitting in the pantry, but a tempting bag of some of my favorite chocolates. I knew that this was for the neighborhood kids, but they weren’t going to be ringing my doorbell for almost another two weeks still. Before I knew it, there was a pile of wrappers laying on the coffee table and I was staring into an almost empty bag of fun sized chocolates. I felt guilty, no really, I did, so I decided that I would wake up early the next morning and under the guise of going out to get the fixings for a great breakfast, that I would replace the candy without my fiancé ever knowing. I pulled it off and to this day, she doesn’t have a clue. At least until she reads this.

You don’t have to go to the great lengths that I did on this shameful, fall weekend. You can just drive on out to the Adams County Winery, in Orrtanna, on February 17th or 18th between the hours of 11am and 5pm and treat yourself to a petite pairing flight. For the Love of Chocolate, is a no reservations required, weekend long event that will feature three handcrafted chocolates, made by Gateau Monique of Littlestown, paired with three of Adams County Winery’s most popular wines. For just $14 per flight, you can swing by the Farm Winery as part of your Valentine’s Day celebration or just to simply relax and enjoy some wine and chocolate.

So, if you love chocolate as much as I do then the For Love of Chocolate at the Adams County Winery’s farm location on February 17th and 18th, is the place for you. For more information, call (717) 334-4631 or visit our Facebook page. For a full schedule of events, visit