At Adams County Winery, we make good wine, and we have a lot of fun. We love making funny wine pictures, memes, videos, and images. We hope you like them! If you do, please share! Just make sure you let everyone know where you found them.

Wine Sink

This is our most popular picture of all time. It’s so popular that other people even edited it to make it look like they made it themselves! It shows the perfect wine sink, with red wine coming out of wine knob and white wine coming out of another. I’d say we have a pretty good plumber!

funny wine sink

Best Corks Ever

Hard to argue that these are the best corks ever.

funny wine cork

Wine Weather Map

We made this right before Hurricane Sandy, and it instantly went viral. It was a fun way to get ready for a big storm (that wasn’t as big as we expected, thankfully!) and a great way to give people humor on a rainy day.

funny wine weather map

Valentine’s Day Wine

“Yes I will be your valentine. I will comfort you after a bad day. I will enable you to express your deepest emotions. I will make you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the room. You can have me right now. Love, this bottle of wine”  We posted this picture on Valentine’s Day and it was so popular that people wanted wine with this label! Of course, we printed some up, and if you ask nicely, we’ll put one on a bottle for you too.

funny wine valentine bottle

Practical Wine Snow Gauge

Alright… this is pretty brilliant, eh? Not only does it measure the snow, but it also chills the wine! This really works! You can purchase these labels on a bottle of wine too.

funny wine snow gauge

 Wine Barrel. Not an Exit

Now that’s what you call a “dad joke.”

funny wine barrel

Duct Tape

Ok, so wine won’t REALLY fix all  your problems, but a bottle sure can come in handy to give to that person on your list who has everything, make up for a mistake, or impress your boss.

funny wine duct tape

Mother’s Day Wine

This is a real wine glass with real wine in it. It was heavy.

funny wine mother's day 2


Fake Wine Label

Sometimes we have to come up with language for the back of the wine labels. Sometimes this is what we’d really like to say.

funny wine label

Wine Fridge

From the people that brought you the wine sink (us), introducing, the wine fridge! If someone actually rigs this up to work, please let us know.

funny wine fridge 1

Office Water / Wine Cooler

Obviously this is Photoshopped, but it’s still awesome.

funny wine water

Big Boxed Wine

Our first attempt at box wine was a success.


Breakfast Wine

But seriously, try Rebel Red or Rusty’s Red with any breakfast food that you would have grape juice with. It’s amazing. We won’t judge you if you have it at 8am.


funny wine breakfast

Bird, Not Bird

This really happened.

funny wine bird

Chocolate Wine

Why yes, yes it would. 

funny wine chocolate

St. Patrick’s Day

Legs is thrilled to be wearing that hat.

funny wine cat

Unplugging the Super Bowl

We posted this right after the famous Super Bowl Blackout. So far no one has ever proven that Legs wasn’t involved.

funny wine cat super bowl

Groundhog Day

Rusty sees his shadow. Kind of. 

funny wine groundhog day

Wine glass

Good point.

funny wine half full

Weirdest Cork

We posted this question on Facebook and got some hilarious responses. One person used a shoe. Another was a surgeon and used some medical supplies. Hey, whatever works.

funny wine corkscrew

Eleanor Cunningham

One of our biggest fans went skydiving at age 90 and 95. When asked what keeps her young, she said “Rusty’s Red.”

funny wine lady

Wine joke

This is one of the few that we didn’t come up with, but it’s still funny.

funny wine joke

Mother’s Day Wine #2

My mom deserves a few cases.

funny wine mother's day

Life is short

Drink more wine.

funny wine life is short

Super Secret Drink Recipe

This really works. Try it!

funny wine recipe

How to Pick a Wine

This also really works!

funny wine pairing chart


The answer to everything.

funny wine question

Our Tasting Room Sign

Unsupervised children will be given sugar and a free puppy!

funny wine sign

Free Refill

Sadly we have’t really invented this yet. 
funny wine refill

Big Game

Or any game, really.

funny wine super bowl


Something about this sky makes me thirsty. 
funny wine sky

Valentine’s Day Wine #2

Good advice here. 
funny wine valentine

Trip Advisor Review

This is a real review. Look it up. 
funny winery review

Spotless Restroom

Another dad joke.

funny restroom sign

Winemaker Problems

A lot of people ask what we do with the bottles that have crooked labels. We don’t tell them.

funny wine winemaker problem

Jelly Beans

Someone really did this in the back office. And someone really fell for it.

 funny jelly beans

Grumpy Cat

Wine, whine. 
funny wine grumpy cat

Check back for more, and be sure to share!