Home wine making suppliesAdams County Winery is your winemaking equipment headquarters! Stop by the Farm Winery to check out our Home Winemaking Supply Center. We have everything you need for the beginning winemaker or the medal-winning expert.

Need some help first? Come to one of our Home Winemaking Classes where you’ll learn everything you need to know to make wine at home. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro! Then make sure you enter our Annual Winemaking Contest during our Harvest Festival in September.

Purchase equipment individually or buy the True Brew Gold Kit. From carboys to hydrometers, we are ready to fulfill all of your wine-making needs! We also offer a wide variety of wine kits including fruit, white, and red wine. Please call for prices and availability of equipment.

True Brew Gold Kit

Save money when you buy our kit rather than buying your equipment individually! The True Brew Gold Kit includes all the equipment you need to create your own wine. 

6 Gallon Glass Carboy

7.8 Gallon Bottling Bucket

Drilled and Grommeted Gasketed Lid

Airlock & Stopper

1/2″ OD Springless Bottle Filler

1/2″ OD Curved Racking Cane

5′ Flexible Vinyl Tubing

Fast Flow Bottling Spigot

 We recommend getting this kit when you’re first starting out, as it’s the easiest way to make your own wine. Then check out the rest of our supplies for your next batch.



We have a wide variety of juice ready for you to turn into delicious wine. They range from dry to sweet to fruit, and tend to turn out very well. Our stock is always changing so please call 717-334-4631 or stop by the Farm Winery to see what’s currently available. We may be able to order a special variety if it’s not currently in stock. 

Individual winemaking equipment

We have a large supply of individual winemaking items so you can find what you’re looking for.  Things are constantly being added to this list, so please call ahead and make sure we have what you need. Here’s a list of of few of the options:

Beginners Book of Winemaking

Defects Wheel

Pressing Cloths

Sparing Bags

Carboy Caps

Plastic Tubing


Various Cleaning Supplies

Bottle Washers

Thread Adapter

Hydrometer Jars


Campden Tablets



*Please call us ahead at 717-334-4631 if you’re looking for new or used wine bottles for your homemade wine. Our stock changes quickly and we want to make sure we have what you’re looking for and can set them aside.